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The Marathi news industry is going to see a new addition of a 24*7 news channel called Maharashtra One.The national news channel operating in Marathi is speculated to launch within the next two months. Nikhil Wagle, renowned for his brave and flawless journalism, has been roped in as the editor-in-chief of the channel. According to the sources, Wagle says, "I will join the channel on 1st September, and then eventually we will form a team which will have both young and experienced minds. My role will be to make sure that we are presenting quality, credible and timely content to our consumers." Also sources inform that there have been many resignations in IBN Lokmat recently. It is speculated taht many of them might be joining Maharashtra One. Renowned journalists from ABP Majha and Zee 24 Taas might be joining this new channel. "There are many veteran journalists who are willing to join the team but it's too early to take their names. There are a few with whom I have worked in past will be joining the organizations." says Wagle. The channel will also have a bureau office in Delhi as well as in other parts of the country informs Wagle.

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