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Zee Business Tv channel freely streaming on | indialivetv.in

ZEE BUSINESS, India’s 1st 24-hour Hindi business channel, was conceived to offer ‘information’ and ‘insight’ and bring business and economy coverage to you in your own language. It is your channel to profit and wealth and strives to create an entrepreneurial climate in the country that can help stimulate innovation and drive economic growth. Being the first to launch stock market programmes in Hindi, ZEE BUSINESS has taken the markets to a new set of small and medium retail investors for whom the channel is a must watch. The channel’s stock market programs are firmly established and understood by the masses for its easy to understand language and graphics support. Not only does the channel keep viewers informed about the slightest fluctuations in the stock market, it also offers actionable pre-market cues, trading calls and information on investment opportunities. ZEE BUSINESS continuously strives to empower viewers on smart decision-making related to investments, savings and spending. It endeavors to meet the highest standards of editorial excellence and make its content always relevant to the work and lives of its viewers. ZEE BUSINESS takes credit in expanding the viewership for business channels beyond the stock market trading hours with an aggressive evening programming and a varied weekend line-up. Like business itself, ZEE BUSINESS has also evolved. It vibes with the ambition and passion of today's entrepreneurs; and continuously strives to bring the best quality programming to viewers across the country. No wonder, ZEE BUSINESS has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. Today it is a dominant player amongst all business channels in the country. Its leadership amongst all business channels in the country during the stock market hours – the prime time for any business channel is now well established. More and more serious business news viewers tune in to Zee Business for stock market coverage every week day.

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