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Khabr Fast News | Indialivetv.in

Devbhumi Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. is the Parent Electronic Media Company which broadcasts 24x7 National Hindi News Channel : 'KhabarFast'. Headquartered at a world-class facility in Rohtak Haryana, The channel is supported by a team of experienced newspersons and production staff, backed by the very latest in newsgathering and production technology.

Khabarfast wants to set new standards for journalism in Indian news television through its differentiated programming and philosophy of inclusive journalism with the spirit of ‘Whatever It Takes'. It focuses on matters pertaining to political,social,cultural,educational and various other aspects of the nation through Information ,Interaction ,Discussion and Entertainment .

Khabarfast simplify the complex issues of multilayered India and break them down into simple absorbable relevant facts.

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