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Samachar Plus News on | indialivetv.in

Popular Hindi news channel ‘Samachar Plus’ was introduced to the subject of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand in the month of 15th June in 2012. Within months of its successful launch, ‘Samachar Plus’ became a milestone in the field of media. With the promise of keeping each individual ahead and informed, Samachar Plus proved its motto “Khabar wahi jo hamne kahi “. In a very short period of time, Samachar Plus with its genuine, all-level and eye-opening news, made its place in viewers mind, thus becoming a number one regional news channel across Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

According to the ‘TAM’ ratings Samachar Plus is ranked among the top three regional news channel in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. After successfully completing a year, Samachar Plus launched its regional channel in Rajasthan with the same motto, promise and hope.

Hard teamwork and appropriate guidance got Samachar Plus, the title of most popular news channel in Rajasthan too. Samachar Plus is a leading 24-hour Hindi regional News channel that provides the viewers- the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner- which enables them to widen their horizons and stay ahead.

The Channel can also be viewed LIVE on www.samacharplus.com with a Broadband connection. Samachar Plus is also available on play store and app store.

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